StickML: Stick Markup Language

StickML is an ascii grid based image editor. The "image" you see at the top of this page was not created by conventional means, it has been generated by reading a StickML grid and associated palette.

Now, in version 3.0, StickML grids can be used to render actual png images -- usable and linkable just like any other image. Also new to StickML 3.0 is the addition of a custom color palette system. Instead of using one flat system palette, you have total control over the color names and definitions for your StickML images -- particularly handy if you're trying to recreate an image and need specific colors. No, it's not the easiest or most efficient way of creating images--but it can be fun -- if you like doing things the hardway or are just easily amused.


StickML: started as "the HyperTextual Stickfigure", The second EVER [ known to us :) ] handcrafted, fully HTML image, as seen to the left. -- SeeAlso: Penny for the original HTML image.

StickML 3.0 is an evolution of that concept. Instead of hand-creating a table, the StickML "image" data is now stored as a grid of ascii text. Each pixel in the image is represented by two alpha-numeric characters in the grid. The grid is processed and interpreted as the image seen before you.